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Every kid deserves a Christmas

I love Christmas.  I love everything about it.  I love the decorations, the presents, the music, the parties, the food – everything.  I love that at over 9 feet tall, this is the smallest tree my roommate and I have ever set up in our apartment.

I even once got into an argument with a nun, who also was my professor, on the first day of class because I told her that I wished I still believed in Santa Claus.  I still want to believe that there is jolly old elf with magic reindeer who, just because he likes to see the smiles on little kids’ faces, travels all over the world one night a year delivering toys and delighting children.

Santa and one ecstatic little girl.

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Governor Simba

Much has been said of yesterday’s election – most of it before anyone ever cast a ballot – so I won’t waste my few faithful readers’ time offering the same thing you can get in 100 other places.  What I do want to do is offer an observation I haven’t seen anywhere else today.

A little more than four years ago I woke up at what seemed like an ungodly hour (in reality it was about a half hour before a standard hotel check out time), cursing the voters of this fair Commonwealth and the $3,000+ in booze my coworkers and I consumed the night before.  I don’t get hungover so I wasn’t really hurting, but the sun did seem obnoxiously bright that morning as I stepped out onto Comm Ave.

I had to be back at campaign headquarters in a couple hours, so I decided to kill the time – and to soak up the booze still sloshing around inside me – by going out for breakfast.  I knew what the papers were going to say and, being on the loosing campaign, I wasn’t interested in reading it.  I do, however, remember seeing the headline on the Globe, screaming out from behind the glass: “Patrick roars to victory!”

This morning when I checked, I was surprised to see almost exactly the same headline: “Patrick roars to 2d term.”  I’m now left with two questions.  First, with all the layoffs on Morrisey Boulevard, is the person writing headlines at the Boston broadsheet the same person who was writing them four years ago?  Secondly, is our governor a lion?

I don’t want to know how big his testicle was

Now I’m not one of the legions of Dan Shaughnessy haters out there, but every now and then you just have to ask yourself what the hell he was thinking.  Then you ask his editor what he was thinking.

Seriously, CHB? A story about cups?  I can do without the knowlege of what Youklis has in his pants, thank you very much, or the size of Beltre’s testicle.  There must be something happening at Fort Myers.  It can’t be this dull.

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