Feels pretty damn good

by Brian Keaney

Yesterday I marked a milestone in my life, and closed by saying that “at least medically, I’m probably as good as I’m ever going to be.”  That may or may not be, but I would hope that in terms of physical fitness that I am still improving.  I finally made it back to the gym tonight after a week or so absence (this not working from home thing really eats the hours out of the day) and think I posted a pretty respectable time in a pretty tough workout.  At the very least, I beat my brother-in-law, so I was happy.

In any event, after the WOD, and then some birthday cake, I returned home to find a number of text messages waiting for me.  One was from a cousin who loves to remind me of  just how old I am, and she pointed out that today, the second day in a row for me, marks an anniversary.  She asked: “How does it feel to be a decade past your 21st birthday?”

I would never give her a truthful answer as I don’t like to use that kind of language to begin with, and as a rule avoid it while speaking to the fairer sex.  She asked a question, however, and even though it was designed to antagonize me I still thought it deserved a response.  Remembering that I need to keep a positive outlook on the growing number of candles that appear on my cake, I responded thusly: “Feels like I could out run you, out party you, and drink you under the table.”

I can say all three things – to a collegiate athlete in the NCAA record books, no less – with 100% truthfulness and confidence.  She wants to know how it feels?  That feels pretty damn good.