A proud moment

by Brian Keaney

A few weeks ago I was out with some friends, and met someone new.  Towards the end of the night she said that she would like to have me as a bar trivia partner since I seemed to know things about lots of different topics.  I was flattered, but cautioned her that I probably wouldn’t be a good partner as I always get hung up on the pop culture questions.

I don’t know, and nor do I care, which ball player is dating which movie star.  If it is possible to care even less, I care even less what they wore on the red carpet or where they went on vacation.  To prove my point, I explained to her that my grandmother had to explain to me who Kim Kardashian was and why she was famous, and I’m still not sure as to the latter.

What I do know about pop culture comes almost exclusively from Barstool Sports.  A few weeks ago a friend posted this video to her blog, and had effusive praise for it.


The song wasn’t bad, in a mindless teenybop sort of way, and the high school kids in the video were somewhat entertaining, but not enough for me to stick around for the entire three and a half minutes.  If I had, there’s a chance I might have noticed the credits scrolling at the end of the video, but I doubt it.  Then, today, this video appeared on the Stool, and just before I clicked away I saw the name Ashley Tisdale in the postscript. I still couldn’t tell you who Ashley Tisdale is, but I knew she was someone famous.

Making that connection was enough to pique my interest, however, and so I went to my standard first stop whenever I want to learn about a new topic, Wikipedia.  There I learned that a bunch of the biggest stars – well, Justin Beiber, his girlfriend, and a bunch of other people I’ve never heard of but who are apparently famous – all starred in the video.

I was pretty proud of myself for not recognizing any of them.  There is only so much room in my head, and the fact that it isn’t cluttered with trivial nonsense like who these kids are gives me hope that there is still some room for important information, like that the Planck length is the shortest possible distance that has any meaning.

Yep.  Good thing I still have those wisdom teeth.