Stay in school. Forever.

by Brian Keaney

Though I said the other day that you shouldn’t waste  your time in school, I obviously didn’t mean it.  Like so many others, I miss college.  A lot.  They were four of the best years of my life, and if they would let me I would start all over again as a freshman tomorrow.

I tell every college student I know that they should never graduate.  Do whatever it takes.  Fail a couple classes.  Change your major six times.  Make them drag you across the stage kicking and screaming and then refuse to accept the degree.  Life will never be as good ever again.

The other day I got another visit with the Knights of Columbus at Stonehill College.  They are a great bunch of guys and I enjoy reliving my glory days with them.  When I arrived I was greeted by two New Yorkers who were holding the door for me.  “How about those Jets,” I asked before I was even in the dorm.  They tried to make excuses for Monday’s night’s pathetic display, but the banter was just like that I remember in my dorm, and I miss it.

A little later on I mentioned that while in college I dated a girl who left the school to become a nun.  “Oh my God,” one of those New Yorkers said.  “That’s worse than turning her into a lesbian.”

“Are you kidding me?,” I replied.  “No way.  It’s awesome.  It means that after me there is no one except God.”

He couldn’t argue with that logic, and I still miss college.

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